Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Metal Band Name or Game Title?

Bonus points if you can figure out
what this says without looking at
the image name.
A little fun on a Wednesday morning. Let's do a quick quiz! Without looking it up, can you tell whether each of the following is the name of a metal band or a tabletop game (board games and miniatures both count)? Answers in a day or two.
  1. Alkemy
  2. Attila
  3. Black Death
  4. Bladestorm
  5. Blitzkrieg
  6. Celtos
  7. Forest of Evil
  8. Frostgrave
  9. Frostveil
  10. Godflesh
  11. Godslayer
  12. Hell Dorado
  13. Malifaux
  14. Mordheim
  15. Necrocide
  16. Necromunda
  17. Warbringer
  18. Warcry
  19. Warfire
  20. Warlord