Saturday, May 23, 2015

Game shelf porn

I've recently engaged in moving my office into another room of the house, to allow my daughter to use the spare bedroom as a music room (drums take up a lot of space). In so doing, I had the opportunity to go through my game collection, reorganize everything, get rid of junk, and generally get everything ship-shape again. And in the process realized I needed a fourth bookcase to hold all the stuff that was piled on the floor, double-stacked on shelves, tucked away in other parts of the house, etc. Here's the result (click to embiggen):
Board games #1. Yes, those are SPI flat boxes on the bottom shelf. You can't see it in this photo, but above is Cthulhu Wars, which is huge enough that it would take up an entire shelf on its own.

Board games #2. Top shelf is books about games. And at the very top is Ogre Designer's Edition, which literally wouldn't fit anywhere else.

End cap. Those rolling carts are full of miniatures (Ogre, 15mm medieval and fantasy wargaming, 25mm RPG, 1:2400 renaissance naval). Obviously, judging by the boxes piled on top, I need another. And yes, that's a "Dogs Playing D&D" picture.

RPG #1. With some miniatures supplies on the bottom.

RPG #2. It's hard to tell, but that shelf second from the bottom is where a lot of the real treasures lie. Those are mostly RPGs from the 70's and early 80's. Lots are just loose pages printed on dot-matrix printers. :-) Unpictured: on top of the bookcase is the Metamorphosis Alpha Deluxe Hardcover Edition.

Close up of the D&D shelf. Is that the AD&D coloring book on the end? Yes. Yes it is.

Close-up of the Greyhawk shelf. There are actually the contents of two Gold Box sets in there. Just no boxes any more. *sigh*

Close-up of the miniatures shelf, with all those glorious Grenadier boxes.

Close-up of the hex-and-counter wargame shelves.