Monday, April 27, 2015

Elements of a Homebrewed Campaign

I've been giving some thought lately to setting up a homebrew campaign for some 1st Edition gaming. I'm a big proponent of Gygax's "bulls-eye" method of campaign design; sketch out the broader world first, and then do ever-more-detailed descriptions of a given area, until you've gotten down to the individual village or town that the PCs will be starting off in. This gives you a good idea of what's around them, and makes it easier to write new things when the PCs start to move around.

Here are some things that I want to include (or am at least considering including) in this process:

  • Areas for at least five different civilizations (European Feudal, Chinese, Japanese, Middle-eastern, and Indian)
  • Remnants of an ancient and more advanced civilization, half-remembered, with the idea that there are constant attempts to return to that "golden age"
  • An area where there is a frontier, into which civilization is slowly spreading, requiring adventurer types to scout and clear regions before settlers begin to arrive
  • That frontier area may be linked directly to that lost civilization, or may not, depending on how it plays out in the design phase
  • Intrigue on a political as well as religious plane; true religious animosities and schisms should be present to provide difficulties and opportunities for the PCs
  • Perhaps have the pantheons of the different religions all be "echoes" of the One True Religion which the ancient civilization practiced (deities are similar, but not identical, across pantheons)
  • Opportunities for large-scale wargaming to be played out with miniatures
Comments welcome. Would this be the sort of world you'd like to game in?