Saturday, May 31, 2014

Beyond the Flanaess: Where are *you* most interested in?

One of the things that has been lurking in the back of my mind since I did my "Beyond the Flanaess" maps is that there are just so many regions crying out for attention.

Now, obviously, up until now, we've only gotten information about the Flanaess in the written sources (aside from the occasional tidbit scattered here and there, and the Sundered Empire setting for the last version of Chainmail). But if Wizards of the Coast was ever to do something new with Greyhawk, completely outside the old familiar Flanaess, what would you be most interested in outside of the boundaries of the Darlene maps?

  1. The Baklunish Basin. The semi-Arabian region northwest of the Flanaess, already somewhat described by virtue of its being on the periphery of the Flanaess; we know about Ekbir, Tusmit, Zeif, etc., and a little about what lies west of them through magazine articles, but nothing really comprehensive. Gygax once stated he wanted to do this as a supplement, and we'd get a whole slew of new Baklunish deities to add to the ones already in the books.
  2. Hepmonaland. We got some details about this region in The Scarlet Brotherhood, but honestly it could use a whole supplement in and of itself. (Or you could "just use Nyambe".)
  3. Nippon. Yeah, the name is lame, but at least the Dragon Annual Map explicitly said it wasn't the real name, just a way to communicate the fact that it was Oerth's version of Japan. Ninjas, samurai, yakuza... And I think the "Nippon Dominion" should be a fantasy Korea, conquered by the Nipponese, but with an underpinning of Korean folklore and monsters.
  4. Zindia. The names on that DA1 map were nothing if not... well... awful. But at least it communicated the gist of what was there. We got some Zindian lands named in Gygax's Sea of Death novel, and maybekindasorta some more info in a couple of the short stories, but otherwise it's wide open.
  5. The Celestial Imperium. Ahh... the China of Oerth. We know a scant few details from one of Gygax's short stories (The Five Dragon Bowl) but nothing really substantive. It's big enough that it would take three Darlene-sized maps to cover it all.
  6. Erypt. I'll bet you can't guess what Earth-analogue this is supposed to be. Mine has a Canaan-sort of land on those islands to the east.
  7. The Sundered Empire. Now we're getting into the setting of Chainmail, with its various factions fighting over the artifacts of a slain deity of war (brother to Hextor and Heironeous). It was actually a really neat setting just as a roleplaying thing (which never really got developed as such), but one could see a lot of potential with the new Battlesystem rules that are coming out with 5th Edition. 
  8. The Empire of Lynn. This is where the Black Moon Chronicles (Chroniques de la Lune Noire) campaign of François Marcela-Froideval was set, and eventually became the basis for a very successful and cool series of graphic novels. The graphic novels were not tied explicitly to Greyhawk, but there's a whole lot of circumstantial evidence that could lead to their being brought into the fold in some inventive ways.
  9. The Tharquish Empire. This is in the very southwestern corner of Oerik, and we know next to nothing about it, but there it was the original home of one of the lords of one of the domains of Ravenloft. I've seen it called Greek, Roman, British, and Babylonian. I'd love to see what it really is.
  10. Something else. There's an unnamed continent on that DA1 map, which I've identified as Gonduria, which is a complete unknown. I kinda like the idea of leaving that for DMs to flesh out, but maybe I'm in a minority. There are also some polar regions, and Fireland (a colony of the Thillronian barbarians), and possibly Frank Mentzer's Aquaria campaign as well. Maybe there's something else I'm missing?
So what would you like to see? If Wizards wanted to expand beyond the Flanaess, what should their first move be? Let me know in the comments.