Friday, January 10, 2014

Greyhawk fans - where's your favorite campaign locale?

I'd like to ask a question of all the Greyhawk fans out there.

Where's your favorite place, region, etc. to set a campaign? The Great Kingdom? Wild Coast? Keoland? Ull?

More importantly, why?

To answer my own question and get the ball rolling, I personally prefer the City of Greyhawk itself. The proximity to a variety of different terrain types (hills, marshes, forests, desert, and the Nyr Dyv) maximizes adventuring possibilities, and the fact that it is a major urban center is a plus as well. Not to mention the fact that Castle Greyhawk is right there, and I happen to be something of a fan of the megadungeon concept. Ahem.

But I've also had a great deal of success and fun with campaigns set in Verbobonc/the Kron Hills (with Hommlet as a centerpoint, naturally), the Wild Coast, Tenh/Rift Canyon, and Highfolk. I'm still dying to do my big Irongate/South Province campaign, which I've been talking about for years and never made happen.

That's one thing I love about Greyhawk. So many possibilities besides the obvious choices.