Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Sample of Lost Eria

So here is a quick sample page that is representative of the level of detail I'm considering for the Lost Eria™ Gazetteer. This example just happens to be about a full page in length; some will be longer, and some will be shorter, depending on how important the nation is in the setting. But this hopefully serves to give the general gist of the level of detail I'm looking at (click to embiggen):

There is a "general" section that a GM can read, no more than a sentence or two, to give a mile-high view of the place. Then sections on history (with more detail as one approaches the current date), politics/society, economics, military, religion, and wrapping up with a handful of notable personages (again just the roughest possible thumbnail - a name, class and level, and what makes them notable).

The finished product will of course have art (including heraldry, naturally), and some ab-so-fragging-lutely incredible maps, but I wanted to get a gauge of what folks think about the level of detail. I'm trying to put in little tidbits that can be tied into adventures (in the above, things like the attempted Imperial Restoration, the war against the sahuagin, and current tensions with the free city of Traven). The idea is to leave those sorts of things not fleshed out in the gazetteer, but leave them as tantalizing nuggets that could be turned into adventures at some point (the tombs of the Imperial family on the island of Andermere, for example). 

I also want to set things up to support campaigns that involve more involved economic and military aspects (which in turn will be covered in-depth by the Adventures Great and Glorious™ rules supplement, coming out in late 2014 if I'm lucky).

My question is, does that seem like a reasonable amount of detail? Too much? Too little? Some glaring omission? Please let me know in the comments.