Thursday, July 11, 2013

Continuous Play, or Breaks?

When you run a campaign, do you hold that the action in the game is happening more or less continuously, or do you build in breaks during which the characters are deemed to be off doing their "day jobs", training for their next level, carousing, etc.?

In the last campaign I ran, for instance, things seemed to proceed at a breakneck speed because the party would go into the dungeon, come out, rest just long enough to heal themselves and recover spells, and go right back into the dungeon. This led to a situation where time in-game passed at a much faster rate than time outside the game, so the whole campaign only took a few months of game time even though it lasted nearly two years in real time.

I've been thinking that building in some sort of down time might not be the worst idea. Even if it's just "winter", giving the PCs some time off to rest and acculturate to all the changes that have happened in their lives. Something like the "winter phase" in Pendragon.

Anyone ever done anything like this in D&D?