Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Adventures Dark and Deep Bestiary Kickstarter now live!

Well, here we are: the last of the core rulebooks for Adventures Dark and Deep™. The Kickstarter campaign for the Bestiary is now live. What a wonderful trip it's been!

The goal to get the book out is pretty modest; $1,500. But that's for a book with little internal art.

For every $25 that's raised past the initial goal, one monster gets illustrated. There are around 900 monsters in this sucker. That's a lot of art.

Please check out the Kickstarter page, and help spread the word far and wide. Even if you don't play Adventures Dark and Deep™, you're going to want this book, if only to get all those monsters in the same place, and compatible with most OSR-type games.

Adventures Dark and Deep™ is my attempt to explore what the world's most popular role-playing game might have looked like if Gary Gygax had been allowed to keep developing it, rather than leaving TSR in 1985. It's based entirely on his public statements on his plans for the game, and other writings.