Sunday, January 20, 2013

Forgotten Realms 5E Concept Art

Conceptopolis, a professional graphics firm, has posted a number of pieces of concept art for the upcoming 5E Forgotten Realms, which by its nature also includes a number of pictures of more generic monsters and such. You can see the gallery at Deviantart --> HERE <--

Thoughts? Impressions? I've got a few myself, but would like to hear some of yours, first.

PG or not PG, That is the Question

So now that the Adventures Dark and Deep Players Manual is humming along so well (more than half the finished art completed, all edits received and more than half reviewed applied to the master document), I have a minute to think about the next book; the Game Masters Toolkit.

Now, for this, I'm thinking about having a more "edgy" cover, involving nudity (in-context, of course, not merely gratuitous), but it brings up the question of whether I have two versions of the cover. One would be the full-monty version, and the other would be a PG version with some bits of cloth placed in strategic locations.

Now, the question I'd like to pose to the Peanut Gallery is, would having a nude on the cover offend your sensibilities to the point that you wouldn't buy the book?