Monday, September 10, 2012

Artists RFQ

Well, now that the hard copy publication of A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore is almost upon us (just waiting to get the second proof copy, and then off we go!), the time has come to look towards the print publication of the full Adventures Dark and Deep™ rules.

This is going to require an insane amount of art, especially the Bestiary.

The Bestiary alone is going to require over 800 pieces of art (one for each creature; this is going to be (pardon the pun) a work of art, and is going to clock in at around 450 pages when it's done. That doesn't include the 100 or so pieces of art that the Game Masters Toolkit and Players Manual will require (some of the art from A Curious Volume will see its way into all the books, but that only comes to 35 pieces or so).

This will of course be a paid gig (but I have not as of yet won the Powerball). So if you're an aspiring artist, can do b&w line art relatively quickly and cheaply, please send an email to with the following:

  1. A link to your online portfolio or other samples of your artwork.
  2. A quote per piece, with price-breaks wherever appropriate for bulk orders, for full-page, 1/4-page, and 1/8 page pieces. 
  3. If you are willing to accept a percentage of the sales price in lieu of all or part of a flat-rate fee, please indicate so. This is neither a deal-breaker nor is it binding; just one of several alternatives that's being considered.
  4. A rough approximation of how long it would take you to do 10 pieces of quarter-page art, just so I have a very rough approximation for planning purposes. This is not a binding estimate of time.
  5. Any additional relevant information (including especially large projects to which you are committed between now and June 2013, again for planning purposes).
I am especially looking for art that evokes an "old school" feel. A mix of different styles is fine; I'll be looking for mostly realistic pieces, but some overtly humorous and some cartoony pieces will be required as well. No single artist will be selected; the project will employ a number of different artists. 

Quotes are requested to be submitted before September 30, 2012. Please feel free to forward this RFQ (in its entirety, please) to whomever you might feel would be appropriate. 

Can Fandom Change Society?

I came across this interesting video today from PBS:

On the whole, I found the concept to be pretty good, but their choices of fandoms to focus on made the whole thing seem weirder than it actually is. Bronies? Transformers slash fiction? Really? Did we need to focus on that so much? No mention of the thousands of hours of charity work that Trek fan organizations like Starfleet International do? Nothing about how television shows like Big Bang Theory and the wild success of Comicon have made fandom mainstream? 

I wish they had given a broader picture of fandom rather than pushing a very specific agenda.

(h/t to boingbong)