Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"The world needs another generic fantasy system like it needs udders and a top hat"

Game Knight Reviews has a terrific interview with Mike Nystul about the now-running kickstarter for his new game "Axes and Anvils", which is an all-dwarf RPG. Love the idea, and I've backed it myself. Do check it out; there are four days left!

It does bring up an interesting notion, though. While I firmly agree that we are now supersaturated with generic fantasy games*, are we in a position now where niche fantasy games will start popping up? Why entire niche RPGs rather than supplements for already-existing games?

* I view games like Dragons at Dawn and my own Adventures Dark and Deep™ as niche games, because of their special nature as research/recon projects, even though the games themselves are generic in the same way that D&D is generic.