Friday, July 13, 2012

RuneQuest 6th Edition Now Available for Pre-Order

I never got into RuneQuest. Sure, I owned some of the books, but for us in high school it was all AD&D all the time when it came to fantasy, and that was all she wrote. Still, I know that RuneQuest and Glorantha hold a special place in many OSR gamers' hearts, so I thought many of you might be interested in this news from The Design Mechanism:
RuneQuest 6th edition is now available for pre-order. All direct orders are handled through our partner, Moon Design Publications. Physical copies will ship from our distributors around the 20th-27th July. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery. PDF orders are available for immediate download.
In addition, the Mongoose RuneQuest material will be made available in pdf format through the RuneQuest Archives (handled through, some of which are only $1 a piece. And all, supposedly, are going to be compatible with the new rules (although I confess I'm not enough of a RuneQuest afficinado to grasp the nuances, and RuneQuest has had a rather convoluted publishing history).

I've gotta say this seems like a good time to be a RuneQuest fan!

Saying Exactly the Right Things

A quick follow-up to yesterday's news regarding online gaming from WotC and Paizo. Here's Lisa Stevens, Paizo CEO, on their strategy:
Just to make things 100% clear, we don't care what VTT tool people end up using. If you like or d20Pro or Fantasy Grounds or Nferno or whatever, then that is fine and dandy with us. Keep using them and playing games. We just wanted to give folks another option here on Paizo Game Space. We aren't in competition with the other VTTs. We aren't going to be trying to outcompete and steal their customers away. People can play with whatever VTT strikes their fancy. We will make ours the way it makes the most sense for us, and if folks don't like that and like some other VTT better, then awesome.
I know that sounds like crazy talk, to not want to crush your enemies and hear the lamentations of the women, but we are crazy like that here at Paizo. In the end, we just want people to be able to play more regularly. If that is here, then great. If it is somewhere else, that is cool too.
Man, but that's a terrific attitude.