Monday, June 25, 2012

WotC Reprinting 3.5 Core Rulebooks

To follow up on the 1st edition core rulebooks that WotC is reprinting next month, it is now official that the 3.5 rulebooks will also be reprinted in September.

As with the 1st edition rulebooks, these will be premium, limited edition books.

It should be noted that these were previously up on the Barnes & Noble website, and then withdrawn, almost certainly because they were inadvertently prematurely made live on the B&N site.

Given the sensibilities and strategy around the DnD Next release, this is a very interesting development. Are they trying to reach out to the hordes of 3.5 players who were, shall we say, less than pleased with 4E and left in droves to Pathfinder? I think it's quite likely. Will they succeed in winning back some of the goodwill they lost? That's a bit more problematic.

(h/t to commenter G. van der Vegt for pointing this out)