Friday, June 15, 2012

Absolutely THE Coolest Mapping Project I've Ever Seen

If you're into maps, you have to watch this short (10 min.) video, which I'm sure many of you will find near and dear to your heart (and probably inspirational):

Jerry Gretzinger also has a blog where he details some of the progress on the map, which is created according to self-consistent (but steadily changing and growing) rules, and randomized by drawing cards from a deck to determine what gets changed or added to, and where. It's now ensconced in the blogroll to the left.

(Hat tip to Pharyngula)

Tomorrow is Free RPG Day!

Alas, there aren't any stores in my immediate vicinity, and naturally none of the three closest game stores are participating, but I fully support any endeavor that gets people into their FLGS.

Complete information (including the available swag) can be found here.

A participating store locator can be found here.

Terracotta Golem

In honor of the newly-discovered additions to China's army of terracotta warriors, I give you this denizen of the Celestial Imperium of Suhfang in western Oerik (but suitable for any campaign setting, of course).

Terracotta Golem

1 (or 20d10)
Hit Dice
Armor Class
Magic Resistance
No. of Attacks
Per weapon type +2
See below
Fear 30’ radius
Blunt weapons do maximum damage
Treasure Type
Treasure Value
Magical Treasure
X.P. Value
205 + 5/h.p.

General: Terracotta golems are found in western Oerth, specifically in the Celestial Imperium of Suhfang. They are classified as Greater Golems. The secret of their construction has not made its way to other lands of Oerth, although it is possible that some expatriate Suhfangese have brought the art with them. Only mages who have learned the specific art of terracotta golem construction can undertake the process. It is rumored that manuals of terracotta golem creation exist in Suhfang, but in their absence, creation of a terracotta golem requires the following:
  • 10,000 g.p. for materials
  •  Casting a limited wish spell
  • Casting a polymorph any object spell
  • Casting a geas spell
  • Casting a fear spell
Terracotta golems are able to understand commands of limited complexity and length, and will always obey the instructions of its creator. If its creator is slain, it will obey the last instructions given to it. In Suhfang, vast numbers of such golems are often used to protect the tombs of emperors, and all are explicitly instructed to protect and serve the emperor. Thus, if the dead emperor was brought back to life as an undead creature, such golems would be compelled to obey him, even though he was not their direct creator. They are sometimes created for more mundane duties, as any other golem.

Combat: Terracotta golems attack with their weapons (which can be of any type appropriate for a warrior), with an effective strength of 18 (giving them a bonus of +1 bonus “to hit” and a +2 bonus to damage). If unarmed, they do 2d6+2 h.p. of damage with their fists. All radiate an aura of fear in a 30’ radius (which functions as per the spell). They are only harmed by enchanted weapons, but if struck by a magical blunt weapon (such as a mace, club, etc.) with a +2 or greater enchantment, the weapon will inflict maximum damage upon the golem. As all golems, they are completely immune to mind-affecting magic such as sleep, charm, hypnosis, etc. Electrical, fire, and cold based attacks do them no harm.

Appearance: Terracotta golems are formed in the shape of human warriors, painted in realistic colors. Despite this, there is no mistaking them for actual living persons except at extreme range. Even those found in great numbers will all possess individualized features and will vary slightly in appearance, height, dress, skin tone, etc.


This creature is hereby designated as Open Game Content under the Open Game License. Copyright © Joseph Bloch, all rights reserved.