Friday, May 18, 2012

Mapping Beyond the Flanaess: Ishtarland

The circuit of western Oerik is almost complete. My latest map covers the southwestern corner of the great continent; Ishtarland, half of the Barbarian Seameast, and the Red Kingdom. I've also made major revisions to the Drazen's Horde map (the one in the upper-right position, below), based on feedback regarding placement of some of the lands from the Chroniques de la Lune Noire. The Red Kingdom has a unique sort of terrain, to indicate the extent of the red rocks and sand that give the place its name; I don't feel like I'm straying too far from the original feel of the Darlene maps in this, given that the Bright Desert was also a unique terrain type.

The newest map is the one in the lower-right below; I'm including some of the surrounding maps so you can see how they all fit together (click to embiggen):

As always, links to the largest-scale files are off to the right in the "free resources" section. Four maps to go; next up is the rest of the Barbarian Seameast and the southern half of the Blazing Desert, whence came the humanoids of Drazen's Horde. Then finishing off the desert south of Erypt, two maps of Hepmonaland, and this baby is done!

Then I can get on with the gazetteers. ;-)

History of Dice

Sorry for but a brief post today. Brian over at the Awesome Dice Blog has an interesting story on the history of dice, including a neat info-graphic to go along with it. Definitely worth checking out.