Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mapping Beyond the Flanaess: Eastern Suhfang and Orcreich, Gulf of Ghayar

I'm on a roll!

Behold another effort in my Mapping Beyond the Flanaess series. This map covers the eastern portion of the Celestial Imperium of Suhfang, the eastern half of the humanoid empire known as Orcreich, the the Gulf of Ghayar region which marks the westernmost edge of the Baklunish lands. I'm including the map of the Golden Jungle region so you can see how they fit together.

I had to take a liberty with the Ataphad islands in the northeast corner of the map. Some sources have them slightly more eastward than I have them here, but it was necessary to scoot them a bit to the west in order to accommodate the ocean depth lines on the left edge of the original Darlene map that came with the 1980 folio and gold boxed set.

I deliberately eschewed the fan-created material surrounding the Gulf of Ghayar (Istustan, mostly), for the same reason I did so with the Golden Jungle map. I'm trying to start solely from canon, and then filling in the missing details as seems best to me. In doing the research for this map, I was a bit surprised to see just how much canon material there is for the western Baklunish region. Risay, the Gulf of Ghayar, the islands, Komal, Mur, etc. all appear in published sources. We also see the last three of the nations bordering the Sea of Dust as mentioned in Gary Gygax's novel Sea of Death; Sa'Han, Behow, and Chomur.

The full-sized .png file for the map can be found in the free resources section over to the right. I'm still working on the gazetteer covering these maps, but the pace of my cartography is outstripping my writing for now. It is coming, however, and a lot of the details for the various provinces of the Celestial Imperium, the tribes of the Orcreich, etc. are on the way. Please, though; I know a lot of people don't like Orcreich as a name. No need to harp on the fact that I used it. It's canon, I don't mind it, and I used it. Feel free to call it Darak Urtag or whatever you want in your own game.

Up next: I go west, covering the remainder of Orcreich, the central region of the Celestial Imperium, and the Low Khanate. Expect a revision to this map once the next one comes out; I wouldn't be a bit surprised of some labels and such need to be moved around near the left edge of this map.


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