Saturday, December 31, 2011

Armies of Erseta: Spearmen and Crossbowmen

We're coming down to the home stretch in terms of the Tamarian starter army! This time up we have a battlegroup of feudal spearmen and a battlegroup of crossbowmen (foot, this time, rather than mounted). First we have a second BG of spearmen:

And here they are side by side with the first BG of spearmen that were painted to kick off the whole Field of Glory armies project in the first place. I can't wait to see the whole army arrayed!
Here's the battlegroup of crossbowmen. Since these are medium infantry, I'm mounting them 3 per base; fortunately they came from Old Glory 15s in such numbers that I could have based 4 per base if I chose; that leaves me with a few spare bases' worth.

In the home stretch-- one more BG of knights, a few commanders, and I'm done!

Administrative Note

Unfortunately a post was accidentally made public last night which was supposed to be kept in "draft" mode; it was placed back into draft as soon as the error was noticed. Apologies to those who commented on it.