Monday, October 17, 2011

The Witch

Double, double, toil and trouble,
fire burn and cauldron bubble;

The widow’s farm is soaked by rain,
I give her neighbor’s cows murrain;

A Hand of Glory I can make,
if I’ve a dead man’s fat to take;

Distance will avail you naught,
a poppet will convey ill thought;

Devil, demon, daemon, hag,
with all I will my black tongue wag;

By candles’ magic I can make
a weak man strong, or strength can take;

Do not risk my ire or wrath,
for I walk down a darker path;

By the pricking of my thumbs,
something evil this way comes.

Hot on the heels of the Necromancer character class, and in keeping with the festive holiday season, I am pleased to announce the release of the next installment of the Darker Paths series of RPG supplements. Darker Paths 2: The Witch, will present a unique take on one of the oldest story-telling archetypes known; the witch. The witch will feature:
  • 24 pages (plus covers, license info, etc.)
  • Approximately 50 new spells created just for the Witch
  • Suitable for use with any game system that itself is compatible with the basic or advanced versions of the world's most popular RPG
The witch, a sub-class of cleric, specializes in causing misery and pain. A consorter with (and in some cases a consort of) devils, daemons, and demons, the witch uses his magic powers to strike back at the society which shuns him. The witch's spells are a variety of ills with which to plague both communities and individuals, all inspired by medieval and renaissance imagery and folklore.

Darker Paths 2: The Witch will be available for $5 in pdf format, and is scheduled to be released just in time for Halloween. Take your campaign down a darker path with the witch!