Saturday, September 10, 2011

NJHMA Expo Moved to October 8

According to the Vintage Castings website, the NJ Historical Miniatures Associates 2011 Expo has been moved from tomorrow to October 8, due to the severe flooding in Wayne, NJ. No mention of this seems to be on the NJHMA website at this time, but I'm not planning on taking any chances. I used to work in Wayne, and I know just how bad the flooding can be there. Hope everything dries out soon! Finally, I'll get a chance to buy some 1:285 trucks...

Looking for a Woodcut

I know I've seen this a thousand times, but for some reason I just can't find it either on Google or in my books.

There's a woodcut that shows two men in Elizabethan garb in a graveyard, inside a magic circle, summoning up a spirit. The spirit is there, with a skull for a head. One of the men has a staff.

Anyone recognize the print I'm talking about, and can point me to it?

EDIT: Ask, and ye shall receive. Here's the image I was looking for:

Thanks, guys!