Monday, August 15, 2011

Nikolas Lloyd on the evolution of D&D

Who is Nikolas Lloyd, you may ask? Only the purveyor of a series of outstanding videos on YouTube concerning armor and weapons (among many other things). And he runs a most excellent website that deals with all manner of eclectic things, from archaeology to evolutionary theory to swing dancing. I found him thanks to one of the comments in my recent post on swords, and damned if he doesn't have a series of videos that explain his views on some of the various editions of Dungeons and Dragons.

Some of the things he says in these videos will piss off a lot of my readers, I'm sure, but rest assured I don't agree with everything he says (well, I do agree with everything he says about 4th edition). He seems to not realize that most of his objections to Holmes Basic were solved in 1E, doesn't seem to know that there was a 2E, and mentions 3.x but only in the context of how annoying it was that his own game product couldn't be translated easily from that to 4E (which he crucifies). He is a big RuneQuest fan, however.

But they're hilarious (and, in many cases, spot-on) regardless of whether you agree with everything he says, and thus do I present them here. I may not agree with his views on the value of archetypical character classes, but I'll die to defend his right to be wrong.

Do look up his channel on YouTube and check out his many and varied expositions on various weapons and armor from the perspective of a reconstructionist archaeologist, and you'll probably find at least some of his other offerings either funny or informative or both.

Want an Inexpensive Buy-In to C&C?

Troll Lord Games has you covered.

I'm not sure how long this will last, but Troll Lord Games is offering a special combo special of the Castles and Crusades Players Handbook and Monsters & Treasure book for $25 $20.

Yes, $20. And I checked with Steve at Troll Lord Games and yes, that's for the hard cover version of both books. Plus an adventure if you order today.

Sweet merciful crap! If you've got the slightest curiosity about Castles and Crusades, now's the time to jump on this. Even if you don't plan on playing the game, there's at least something in there you can probably import into your regular AD&D, LL, S&W, etc. game. This is an excellent deal.