Friday, June 24, 2011

Cheaper than Beer

A thought has been running through my head the last couple of weeks, and I would like to get a little feedback from my loyal audience.

Although I'm known for my mega-dungeon work, I have an idea for a line of "one night adventures". They'd be very generic both in terms of system (although they would be usable with Adventures Dark and Deep, OSRIC, AD&D, Labyrinth Lord, S&W, etc. etc.) and in terms of setting, to allow them to be plunked down into any campaign with a minimum of fuss. One could, of course, get 'em all and run a campaign using nothing but them, but they wouldn't be self-consciously so designed.

Each would be only 4 pages or so long, including text and maps. Art minimal if present at all. Just enough to last a typical group of adventurers for a single evening. Hence the "one night adventure" tag.

The kicker would be that they would be released as pdfs for $2 each. Hence the "cheaper than beer" title of this post; that would be the marketing slogan.

The question is, would you buy these sorts of modules? A series of one-shots, deliberately kept small in scope, at a price about as low as you can go without giving it away.

One night adventures, cheaper than beer. Would you buy a round?