Sunday, January 30, 2011

Help Me Protect My Intellectual Property

I have only once before overtly made an appeal for donations on the blog, but I must unfortunately report that I find myself in need of formally registering my copyrights with the government. Unfortunately, this necessity comes at a point in my life where money is tight, and I reluctantly reach out to you, my readers, to chip in.

In order to adequately protect my copyright to such works that I have made freely available such as Castle of the Mad Archmage and the two (soon to be three) books of Adventures Dark and Deep, I must submit forms to the US Copyright office, and they require certain fees. Without doing so, I might find myself in the unfortunate situation of having to prove that a given work is, in fact, my own, and that could potentially involve hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, this has happened already; someone has tried to sell my work under his name, for profit, and the incident has convinced me that I must thus register my works with the US Copyright Office, in order to protect my work and make claims of such protection easier in the courts.

So I find myself in the unenviable place of asking for donations; not to make better products, professional layout, boxed sets, pay for artwork, or any of the things I *want* to pay for. I find myself asking for donations to protect my work from wholly unscrupulous pirates who want to profit from my work without so much as an attribution. It happened once, and I need to prevent it from happening again.

I despise you, J.H., for making this necessary.

The donation button is in the upper-right corner of your screen. I will greatly appreciate anything you can give. It will go to help protect those things I have already written, as well as those that I will be writing in the future.

I am not happy about having to ask you, but I thank you in advance for whatever you can give to help.

UPDATE: The offending file has been removed, and I have information on how to get hold of the individual responsible for possible legal action. Thank you to everyone who has been so generous with your donations; I have collected enough to cover the cost of the copyright filings, although the trademark filings, being much more expensive, are still on the wish-list. Thank you, everyone!