Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So Much for my FLGS

For those of my loyal readers who are local, it will not be news that Mighty Titans Games and Hobbies has closed its doors. That was the FLGS at which my bi-weekly Greyhawk campaign was meeting, and as I've written in the campaign reports, it was a terrific space. I will miss it.

However, what I am specifically writing about is the way that Mighty Titans left us.

Last Friday, we had a session at the store. Everything, to all appearances, was fine. In fact, one of our usual tables had been commandeered to unpack boxes of new stock that were to go on the shelves. One of the store owners was there behind the register, and said nary a word about any plans, changes, or troubles, despite the fact that we have been a regular fixture there for 4 months, and I've been a regular customer for years, going out of my way to at least buy some little something each time we game there, as a gesture of thanks. Sometimes the somethings aren't so little.

On Sunday, apparently, the store was stripped, shelves and stock removed, and a hand-written sign placed on the door promising that the store was "taking gaming to a new level in a new space-- check our website for details" (or words to that effect). It took them nearly a week to put up any sort of notice on said website. And this was after having been in the space for only 6 months after having left their previous space.

That it was an inconvenient development goes without saying. But it was the suddenness, and the complete and utter lack of information leading up to the event, that is so troubling. You don't wake up one morning, decide to close a retail store, and go rent a U-Haul. This had to have been something in the works for some time. But there was no communication, no attempt to inform their customers that anything was amiss. Hell, if I had known there was a problem, I certainly would have dropped another $100 on product last Friday, and I'm sure I'm not alone. But there was nothing. Someone just showed up on Sunday and the place was empty.

Now, I don't know the specifics behind what happened with Mighty Titans, and likely never will. But I guarantee you when we were there on Friday, that owner behind the counter knew what was going on, and kept it to himself. For all the show of trying to promote some sort of "gaming community", it was just a sham. A simple "things aren't going like we had hoped, and we're going to be moving to a less expensive location" would have been all I asked. But no. I guess what bothers me the most is that they just took us, the customers, for granted.