Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Intro to the Mystic

It's not quite ready for prime time as a whole (hopefully next week), but here's a snippet from the introduction to the upcoming mystic class for Adventures Dark and Deep™, just to whet your appetites...
The mystic is an initiate of an inner mystery tradition that seeks direct communion with the multiverse in order to achieve enlightenment. Insight, awareness, and a deep connection with ultimate reality are the hallmarks and ultimate goals of the mystic. Most good-aligned faiths have such mystery traditions within them, even if they are not enthusiastically promoted by the hierarchy or followed by masses of people. The spells available to the mystic are centered on knowledge and defense, but his special connection with the multiverse gives him special insights into the workings of the planes as well. They are not able to deliberately craft magical items, but often times objects particularly associated with them in life, or even parts of their bodies, will become relics after their deaths.