Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fantasy Flight Games is Watching You

So Fantasy Flight Games has a nifty new idea to help increase sales. Spend $1,000 on FFG product, and your store can have a sort of interactive FFG advertising box. They will stream content to the box, which you, in theory, have displayed prominently in your gaming store, with the idea that when the customers come in, they'll see the nifty, never-ending advertising for whatever FFG wants to pimp at the moment, and will be more inclined to purchase said product. Sounds like a winner, doesn't it?

Except there are apparently some problems. The store owner is on the hook for $650 to replace the thing if it gets broken. There's no guarantee when the darned thing will actually be shipped to your store. And, most creepy to my mind, the box is equipped with an "interactive" feature that allows FFG to film and listen in on what's going on in front of the box. Yes, FFG wants a camera in your local game store, which they can turn on at will, and the store has to stock $1,000 worth of product for the privilege.

Is this really a good thing? Is seeing a 24/7 stream of advertising about WH FRP really worth the troubles and potential troubles? I'm not seeing it, myself, but it seems to be popular in some quarters.