Saturday, September 18, 2010

How Frank Should You Be?

Quick question for my fellow Old School DMs...

When you are DMing a group that might not be as in tune with the OSR as you are, how explicit are you about some of the conventions that are now accepted as part and parcel of our way of playing?

Specifically, would you come out and say, "Don't expect to clear out every level of a dungeon", or "There are some things you're expected to run away from, rather than fight"? Or would you let them try to clean out every level, and get frustrated by the futility of the effort? Or let them attack the trolls when they're 2nd level, under the mistaken assumption that "it wouldn't be here if there wasn't a way for us to kill it".

Hasn't happened in the campaign that I'm currently running, but it has in the past. Just wondering how harsh everyone is in teaching these valuable life lessons to their players.