Thursday, September 9, 2010

The One-Shot - Campaign Spectrum

I read today Wil Wheaton talking about playing in a Gamma World game at PAX, and he mentioned something that got me thinking:
My takeaway from Gamma World: I wouldn't want to play an entire campaign, because it's just a little too gonzo for me, but I think three or four sessions (would you call that a mini-campaign?) as a break from my regular game would be perfect. 
I found it somewhat interesting not because of what he says about Gamma World (one wonders what he'd make of Mutant Future), but rather because of what he says about mini-campaigns. I've done one-shot games, mostly at conventions, and I've of course done long campaigns, but I've never actually set out to do a game that would only last three or four sessions.

How about you? Am I just too caught up in the sandbox/megadungeon paradigm to see the appeal of the mini-campaign?