Thursday, July 1, 2010

Castle of the Mad Archmage Final Release Now Available!

UPDATE: See this post for news on how you can purchase the new and improved version of the dungeon.

Alternately, it seems like an eternity has passed since I first set out to write my own version of the infamous dungeon ruins "but a league or so from the walls of the city of Greyhawk", or only a couple of weeks. It has been a ton of work, but all of it fun, and boy has it been a wild ride sometimes.

It's taken me 18 months to write the 12 and a half levels that make up the final version of the Castle of the Mad Archmage, and I've recorded more than 1,200 downloads of some of the releases. There's a ton of additional work that I can, and eventually will, get to; side levels (yes, yes, the Black Reservoir among them!), my own stab at the Upper Ruins and the Storage Rooms, pocket universes and demi-planes, and much more. I can say nothing concrete about how I'm going to approach those pieces; certainly the dungeon is fully capable of being played now as-is; there are entrances aplenty into the levels past the first, and of course nothing says an enterprising DM can't simply make his own Level 1 or skip it and say that the stairs from Level 2 just go straight to the surface. Suffice to say that there are plans in the works to bring more of the Castle of the Mad Archmage to light, but at the moment I'd like to take a breather and work on something else.

The module clocks in at around 180 pages, and a bit under 4 MB. My erstwhile cartographer, Joe Bardales, made new versions of all the maps (which helped a bit with the file size) and my indispensable proofreader, Steve Rubin, made the thing a million times more professional than my typo-laden manuscript would have otherwise been. 

As always, if anyone is using the dungeon in actual play, please drop me a line; I'd love to hear how it fares. 

And now, without further delay, I invite you to download the pdf --> HERE <--

EDIT: The previous pdf was missing one of the maps. The link now goes to the corrected pdf. Sorry for the mix-up!

UPDATE: See this post for news on how you can purchase the new and improved version of the dungeon.