Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dragon Types

A couple of months ago, I posted a few thoughts about dragons, certainly the most iconic monster of the game (and with a name like Dungeons & Dragons, you can hardly blame it). As is my wont, I've been ruminating on these beasties in the back of my mind since then, especially as I've begun to work on the Emprise!™ Bestiary.

Specifically, I'm wondering if the colors and metal types are the best ways to describe these creatures. Could they not be better served by being named for their breath weapon? Their physical attributes? Their habitats? A combination?

So instead of red, white, green, black, and blue, we could have fire, frost, forest, swamp, and lightning dragons. Brass, bronze, copper, and gold would become sand, sea, horned, and wingless dragons.

I dunno... am I just over-thinking this? Is messing with the colors/metals of the dragons just change for the sake of change? Or is colors and metals a game-mechanicky holdover that is best left behind in the interest of verisimilitude?