Sunday, January 24, 2010

Castle of the Mad Archmage January Release Now Available!

And so, back in stride, I present to you the next installment of the Castle of the Mad Archmage. This release takes us down through Level 8: The Lesser Caves. This one just flew onto the page as quickly as I could write it, a torrent of creativity that would not be stopped.

If I may say so myself, this level has a lot of really nice stuff in it. The northeast section is my favorite; there's not a dozen keyed encounters in the whole quadrant, but it's sure to befuddle players for quite some time.

Download the whole thing --> HERE <--

Next up, Level 9, which I'm almost certain will be released along with levels 10 and 11, since they all intersect massively and trying to pry one out of the others would not be an easy thing. As always, keep your eyes on the status box off to the right-- that'll let you know where things stand.

Also, just a reminder; I'll be running a couple of sessions of Castle of the Mad Archmage at Dreamation in Morristown, NJ next month. Hope to see some of you there!