Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SPI Infomercial

Is this awesome or what? I had no idea this existed until yesterday.

By my count, I had about 90% of the games shown in this film at one point. Oh, War in Europe, how I miss thee...

(Hat tip to ConsimWorld)

Rules Organization

A number of people, when discussing the merits of retro-clones vs. the original game rules, point to the notion that the retro-clones are "better organized". I confess to being a little puzzled by this, as I can find my way around the old AD&D rules with very little problem.

Although I am very happy to admit that my own experience of the AD&D rules is colored by the fact that I know them so well, and can often just quote them from memory, and have an idea of where to find just about any tidbit of information I happen to need at the time. Not everybody has been pouring over these books for 30 years.

So I'd like to open up a discussion about this, if I may. What specifically is better about the organization of games like OSRIC, Labyrinth Lord, Sword & Wizardry, etc. than the original D&D and AD&D books? Is it that they're all in one book? Do the chapters "flow" more logically? Something else? Looking at the tables of contents, they don't seem all that different to me, so I think I'm just missing something...